Pros And Cons Of Car Covers

A car is a significant purchase and it is natural to want to protect it. There are many environmental threats that cars are vulnerable to. Fortunately, car covers are a great solution to protect against these threats. Whether you are concerned about UV rays, rainfall, dust, debris or anything else, car covers can offer some extra protection. But they are not perfect, so let’s explore some of the car cover pros and cons.

Key Takeaways

  • Car covers have many pros, mainly associated with the protections they offer to look after your car
  • There are cons to car covers, particularly if you choose the wrong type for your needs
  • Car covers are very effective, as long as you get the correct type
  • You can determine the best type of car cover by looking at your needs and seeing what features different options offer

Pros And Cons Of Car Covers

Do car covers work? This is the question on the lips of anyone considering buying a car cover to protect their vehicle against environmental damage. The short answer is that they do what they say they do. But you need to get the right type of car cover for your needs. And, as with any experience, there are pros and cons to using a car cover.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the question “Are car covers worth it?”

Pros Of Using A Car Cover

A car cover will help keep your car clean and protect it against damage from many sources. If you are asking the question “Do car covers work?”, these are the things that you should keep in mind as reasons to buy one. Our car covers offer all these advantages so don’t hesitate to look closer at the features that make them stand out.

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Keeps Your Car Clean

Car covers are an excellent way to preserve the clean appearance of your car after washing it. Whether you store it indoors or outdoors, there are things that can make it dirty. These include dust, bird droppings, rainwater and more. Using a car cover helps protect the body of the car and also reduces the frequency of trips to the car wash, so car covers are worth it to help with this..

Protects From Small Damages

A car stored outdoors is vulnerable to taking small damage from debris in the environment. Sticks and other things can fall from trees, trash can be blown in the wind, and more. If any of these things impact your car, they can cause scratches and dings that you would prefer not to happen. With a robust car cover in place, these types of threats are unlikely to do any damage to your car, so you can have greater peace of mind leaving it outdoors.

Protect Your Paint

Scratches and dings aren’t the only things that threaten the paintwork on your car. The intense UV rays from sunlight are also a cause for concern. Over time, UV light exposure can cause the paint on your car to fade and lose its vibrancy. If this happens, the overall appearance of your car will suffer, but car covers with UV protection can prevent this. If you live in a region with lots of sunshine, car covers are a good idea.

Prevents Your Car From Rusting

Accumulated moisture on a car can lead to the formation of rust if it penetrates the paintwork. Cars exposed to lots of rainfall or high humidity are very susceptible to this. If you have a waterproof car cover, you protect your car against even the heaviest of rainfall. Alternatively, a water-repellent car cover offers protection against mild rainfall and a breathable fabric that allows air circulation to clear condensation build-up from humid conditions.

Essential For Classic Cars

Classic cars are collector's items that can gain value over time, making them investments that need to be protected for the long haul. If you own classic cars, you are well aware of the risks of damage, rust, and mildew. For this reason, car covers are an essential purchase, whether you store them indoors or outdoors. Use high-quality, well-fitted car covers to protect your classic cars and preserve their condition so that they continue to appreciate in value and don't require costly repairs.

Boosts Your Resale Value

A car that is well looked after will preserve more of its value than one that picks up scratches, dents, and rust. If you intend to sell your car within a few years, car covers are definitely worth it for the protection they offer. Keep your car looking as good as the day you bought it with protection against the environment when it is parked. This way, you will get more resale funds to put towards your next car purchase.

Easy To Carry Around

Our car covers are supplied with a convenient carry bag that you can store them in. They are designed to be folded and rolled for storage. Following the right methods, you can easily fold a car cover up and store it inside its bag. This offers a measure of protection for the cover while in storage and also makes it easy to carry around with you if you need to put it in your trunk or anywhere else.

Simple To Use

We design our car covers for ease of use. Whether you choose a universal or fitted car cover, it will easily adhere to your vehicle’s size and contours with convenient straps and buckles to secure in place. They are lightweight and maneuverable, so you will have no problem fitting and removing them or putting them into storage as required.

Cons Of Using A Car Cover

Of course, when considering car cover pros and cons, you have to weigh the good against the not-so-good. We design our car covers to have as few downsides as possible, but there are natural drawbacks that come with car cover ownership. After all, they are an investment in themselves and it requires effort to apply and remove them.

Need To Pick The Right Cover According To Your Needs

The first of the car cover disadvantages is that, in order to get an effective one, you have to choose the car cover that meets your needs. This means finding the right fit for your car with built-in features to secure it in place. It also means selecting a material that offers the right balance of weather protection, breathability, ease of use, durability, and more. There are many factors to consider, so contact us if you need assistance in working out which cover is best for you.

There’s A Cost Associated

Different types of car covers come at different costs. A fitted cover is usually more expensive than a universal one, and there are premium materials and more budget ones. Are car covers worth it? Well, if you value preserving the condition of your car for the long-term, then yes. The cost of buying a car cover could pale in comparison to the cost of a new paint job or repairing rust. We supply car covers for every budget, so you are sure to find something that works for you.

Extra Effort To Cover And Uncover Cars

There is no escaping the fact that it is extra effort to cover and uncover your car every time you use it. This can be particularly inconvenient if you use your car every day. Some car covers may not be a good idea in this case, since they are cumbersome and could really hold you up if you needed to use your car in a hurry. However, we design our car covers for ease of use, so they are lightweight and easy to manage.

Someone Might Steal It

It is not unheard of for people to steal car covers from cars. Naturally, this is an extremely frustrating thing to happen. Our covers come with secure features that hold them in place on your car. This doesn’t make them impossible to steal, but it means it would take a long time for a thief to remove them. This would be a suitable deterrent for most potential thieves, and even make it less likely that thieves or vandals would target your car as well.

Using The Cover Wrong Can Scratch And Rust Your Car

You may have heard people ask “Are car covers bad for your car?” Well, with improper use, it is possible that a cover can cause micro-scratches on your paintwork. Moreover, a non-breathable material left on for too long could trap moisture underneath, leading to mildew and even rust. The key is to select the right material for your needs and handle it with care when you cover and uncover your car.

Tough To Find The Right Size

For some vehicles, you may not be able to find a custom-fit cover. And universal fit car covers may not be ideal for covering all the contours of the vehicle. We supply certain accessories you can use to ensure your car cover protects all the vital areas of your car. But it is undeniably problematic if you are unable to find a car cover that is the perfect size for your vehicle.

Do Car Covers Really Work?

Car covers do the job they were designed to do. This means that:

  • Waterproof covers keep the rain out
  • Water-repellent covers can resist light rainfall
  • Breathable covers enable airflow to prevent condensation under the cover

Thus, car covers are very effective at protecting your car if you choose one with the right properties. Unfortunately, one of the car cover disadvantages is that no car cover is great at doing everything. The key is to evaluate the most important features you need. If you are keeping your car outside, assess whether you need protection against heavy rain or intense sunlight. Is dust a major problem in your region? What about humidity in the air?

You know what the biggest threats to your car are. We supply car covers that are strong against a wide range of threats when storing your car. If you need advice on which might be ebay for your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss with us.

When Does Your Car Need A Car Cover?

Car covers are good for long-term and short-term use, depending on which cover you get. If you store your car outside, it can benefit from a car cover. For people who use their car regularly, a lightweight car cover will be better. For longer-term outdoor storage, something more robust might be a better option.

Car covers are also helpful for indoor storage, protecting against dust and humidity. Essentially, if you are interested in preserving the condition of your car in the best possible way, your car would benefit from a car cover. As mentioned, the most important thing is to get a cover that protects against the biggest threats in your circumstances. This goes for whether you cover it long-term or only in between uses.

What Type Of Car Cover Is Best?

The best type of car cover for your car depends on what you need protection from. You might be thinking “Are car covers worth it?” Well, if you get the right car cover for your needs, then yes they are! Here are a few basic suggestions:

  • Outdoor storage in areas with intense sunlight: A breathable cover with good UV protection
  • Outdoor storage with heavy rain or snow: A waterproof cover
  • Outdoor storage with light rain: A water-repellent cover with good breathability
  • Indoor storage: a lightweight cover that is breathable and offers good dust protection

As you can see, the best type of car cover is the type that protects against the main threats to your vehicle. Our car covers protect against a wide range of threats and are designed to fit a diverse array of cars. Take a look at our catalog to find a good solution for your needs, and contact us if you need any advice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Covers Pros And Cons

The pros revolve around the protection you get against the weather, things in your surroundings and people who might damage your car.

The car cover disadvantages are based on the investment in the car cover and the effort associated with finding the right option and covering and uncovering your car.

Yes, but only if you have the right cover for your needs. If you use the wrong cover, it can actually be bad for your car, so choose your cover with care.